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The proprietary ABRASION and/or FOG Resistant surface coatings on SHIELDS® SUPERCOAT™ and/or ANTI-FOG Coated polycarbonate windshield material significantly improves performance. Periodic cleaning using proper procedures and compatible cleaners are recommended to prolong the service life of your SHIELDS® Window.


Cleaning the SUPERCOAT™ Hard-Coat

1.  Wash with a mild solution of soap or detergent and lukewarm water.

2.  Using a soft cloth or sponge, gently wash the window to loosen dirt & grime and rinse well with clean water.

3.  To Prevent water spotting, thoroughly dry with chamois or cellulose sponge.

4.  avoid the use of abrasive cleaners, squeegees, or other cleaning implements that may mar or gouge the surface.

cleaning agents found compatible under lab conditions:

          Aqueous Solutions of Soaps & Detergents ~

                    Windex¹          Top Job²            Joy²                     Mr. Clean²

                    Fantastik³       Formula 409¹²     Sumalight D12     Brucodecid

          Organic Solvents ~

                    Butyl Cellosolve       Kerosene        Neleco-Placer

                    Hexel, F.O. 554            Turco 5042      Naptha (VM&P grade)

          alcohols ~

                    Methanol              Isopropyl


Cleaning the ANTI-FOG Coating


Use Soap & water only (Dawn² is recommended - 1 tsp. Per 24 oz. water)

Use clean soft cloth, soft sponge, chamois - DO NOT USE PAPER TOWELS

If dirty, wet the windshield heavily, wipe until wet streaks are present and allow finishing by air-drying.

DO NOT RUB DRY - may abrade the ANTI-FOG Coating


Graffiti removal

(A) Butyl cellosolve (for removal of paints, marking pen inks, lipstick, etc.). The use of masking tape, adhesive tape or lint removal tools works well for lifting off old weathered paints.

(B) To remove labels, stickers, etc., the use of kerosene or VM&P naphtha is generally effective. When the solvent will not penetrate sticker material, apply heat (hair dryer) to soften the adhesive and promote removal.


IMPORTANT:  If a material is found to be incompatible in a short-term test, it will usually be found to be incompatible in the field. The converse, however, is not always true. Favorable performance is no guarantee that actual end-use conditions have been duplicated. Therefore, these results should be used as a guide only and is recommended that the user test the products under actual end-use conditions.

¹Registered Trademark of the Drackett Products Company.

²Registered Trademark of Proctor & Gamble.

³Registered Trademark of Texize, Division of Norwich Products, Inc.

¹²Registered Trademark of the Clorox Company.