Using proprietary forming methods developed over 39 years, we are able to produce nearly any desired shape, with no compromise on quality.  Our ability to form both Polycarbonate and Acrylic ~ from thin gauge to 3/4" & thicker ~ into complex shapes while achieving glasslike optics is unmatched.

From matching current design models, to creating new shapes for tomorrow's applications, SHIELDS® thermoformed polycarbonate and acrylic truly allows our customer's to push the style envelope.

Our Q.E.I. Quality Assurance System employs multiple checking methods for establishing the quality of each shield; every shield is inspected for distortion, color, and inclusions.

Standard Test Measures:

FTP ODI - 2002 (100%)         ISO 3538:1997(E)(FASI/ISIR)
VIS 01-03 RD (100%)            VIS 19-23 BSIC (FASI/ISIR)

aviation_optics test_optics iroc_windshield